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New Camera

I am so excited today to share with you that I got a new camera…

So the camera I got is the Canon EOS M6. I’ve never owned an actual dedicated camera before so this is new for me. I have always used my phone for pictures/video or the webcam connected to my computer.

Right off the bat I had to take some awesome photos with it right? Well here is one of my awesome dog Jake. He wasn’t happy cause I woke him up from a nap.


This one was actually the first front facing picture I took. I love the way the screen flips around.


I’m going to be testing this out over the next few weeks and showing off some picture. I’ll put them up on here eventually!!

I am wanting to do more vidoes where I can talk to you… my audience. I got this because I wanted to give you all the best quality I can, not only the quality of the shots I take and audio I capture but I am alwasy striving to push the best substance.

I’ll be posting more frequently this year so stay tuned.