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Why I Love Drones

Everybody has heard of them. Everybody has most likely heard one whizzing by over their head at some point, even if you might not have known it was one. Drones are becoming very invasive in our lives today and I wanna tell you why I love them.

I got my first drone in 2017. Well my first actual drone. I have had little quad copters and rc planes in my life but an actual proper drone with GPS, camera, avoidance sensors. You know something that makes people look in awwe. I got a drone because of my business Cortain. My buddy Trevor and I wanted a business with no limits. Where we could do anything. One of our first ventures was to do drone photography for realtors and businesses. I’ll link the new website once it is complete. I got a lot to do this year. :)

After I got my drone I wondered what else I could do with it. I can fly fast and impress people. I can take photo’s and videos, but this left me with something else inside believing I can do more. I found out that you can use something called Open Drone Mapper to create ortho mosaic imagery and 3D models. I will have a sample site up in the near future to show all how it works :) I will also create some youtube tutorials on it.

I am in love with all that drones can accomplish and all they can do. If you have something that you do with your drone share it in the comments below.

As Always. Thanks for reading.