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Why Can't I be Consistent?

I find myself always wanting to start something new. I am always picking up new hobbies and skills to hone and never seem to fully master them before moving on to the next one. I sit here and ponder why?

What would cause me to be this way? I believe it’s my innate desire to teach others. To always show others how something is done. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than the fact that I could do something that would make somebody else’s life easier. I push this to the point where even if I inconvenience myself to accomplish this goal I will.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

― Charles Dickens

I am making changes to my life to make sure I accomplish my goals as well. I no longer wanna be stricken to the burden of only helping others. I wanna create content that helps others as well as helps myself. I know this can seem from out field, but I have thought this for a long time.

Creating content, whether it be tutorials or stupid little videos will always be my goal but I wanna feel like more than a post, just another count in the endless void of which is the internet.

Let me know what you guys wanna see and I wanna help you learn it or master it.

-- Peace Out